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What is Recovery Pump?

Recovery Pump uses Sequential Pneumatic Compression to stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage. We have both the Recovery Pump Arm and Boots available. This system can be fully customised to suit all pressure tolerances. You will feel the benefits from a single session, however the benefits are accumulative with regular use.

Why use Recovery Pump?

By increasing bloodflow via repetitive vasoconstriction/vasodilation to an entire limb or targeted area, Recovery Pump is able to speed up healing of muscle soreness, increase lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling and move metabolic waste products held in muscles through the lymphatic system. 

Who Should Use Recovery Pump Products?

Primarily Recovery Pump Products were made to target athletes. By stimulating extra blood flow and lymphatic drainage it moves through waste products to reduce soreness and increase healing time so "down time" is reduced.

However Recovery Pump suits a wide variety of the population. Post-operative patients have used our products to speed up their recovery as well as those suffering increased fluid in the limbs whether it be from air travel, pregnancy or conditions affecting the lymphatic system. Diabetics suffering from slow healing wounds have also shown improvement by regularly using the product.

Who Shouldn't Use Recovery Pump Products?

Persons suffering from;
- Deep Vein Thrombosis
- Pulmonary Embolism/Oedema
-Inflammation of the skin (cellulitis, erysipelas)
-Ischaemic Vascular Disease
-Severe Peripheral Neuropathy
-Known presence of Malignancy in legs (for boots) or arms (for arm)
-Cardiac Failure

***Other chronic and acute conditions require clearance from your primary physician prior to your session***



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