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The Recovery Pump boots can now be used in the comfort of your own home. They can increase blood flow, promote venous return and speed up recovery from surgery and activity based muscle fatigue. These units are easy to use and come with all the essentials you will need including the user manual and cleaning wipes.

$100 per week


Power in a compact unit. Choose from 6 different attachments to relieve tight, sore or stiff muscles. This unit is super quiet and has adjustable intensity for targeted relief. The small ergonomic design allows for ultimate control.

$25 per week


TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. These machines are great for  treating a variety of pain complaints. TENS is a non invasive way to assist in pain relief. Constant stimulation or analgesic mode is commonly used for acute pain. Modulation setting can be used to help chronic or acute pain and burst mode is best aimed at treating chronic pain. Details on how to use the varying settings can be found in the instruction manual provided. 

$15 per week
$50 for 4 weeks


The ultimate recovery pack offering a variety of tools to help relieve sore/tight muscles. Exciting additions include the new Vibe Roller and Vibe massage ball. These tools can be used the same as they have been traditionally used, however with the addition of the vibe element it assists to increase blood flow in a more efficient way.
The muscle mat speaks for itself, after 1-2 minutes a warm sensation will cover the area, 2-4 minutes will bring a tingling sensation. After 4-8 minutes endorphins flood your system and after that your pain will ease leaving you feeling relaxed and your pain will be minimised.
The Trigger Point GRID STK roller will assist in relieving the most common aches and pains, using the grip handles it's easy to gain specific control.

*Optional add on - High Baller. Twin massager with adjustable angled massage balls to assist in myofascial release with a stable non slip base.

$15 per week
*$20 (with high baller included)


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