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What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Simply broken down Hyper= Increased Baric= Pressure. This means our Mild Hyperbaric Chamber delivers oxygen via increased pressure in our chamber. Our Salus 36 chamber delivers Oxygen at 97%purity (normal air is only 21% pure Oxygen). The chamber enables increased pressure to 1.35 times normal air pressure, this enables the blood plasma to absorb higher levels of Oxygen.

How Does It Affect The Body?

Oxygen is taken in through the lungs and circulated around the body via the blood. By increasing the pressure at which Oxygen is absorbed by the body higher levels are able to be delivered to the tissues around the body.

Higher levels of Oxygen are able to reach certain areas of the body where blood flow is restricted making supplies insufficient. For example, areas experiencing inflammation from injury, suffer decreased blood flow. Hyperbaric Therapy enables better Oxygenated circulation which aids in speeding up healing.

This theory is also applicable to those suffering chronic illness/conditions, increased oxygen in the blood allows  the tissues of the body to heal at a faster rate. This occurs by the Oxygen stimulating cell growth and assisting bone, skin and muscle regeneration.

By boosting cell growth and allowing the blood to deliver more oxygen to organs, bone and skin tissue, the immune system is also strengthened enabling the body to fight infection at a higher capacity.


Although risks or side effects are extremely rare whilst using our Hyperbaric chamber they must be taken into consideration when using Oxygen therapy.

 These may include;

-Middle ear injuries, including leaking fluid and eardrum rupture due to increased air pressure

-Lung collapse caused by air pressure changes (barotrauma)

-Seizures as a result of too much Oxygen to the Central Nervous System (oxygen toxicity)

-Temporary Myopia (near sightedness) caused by temporary changes to the eye lense


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