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DreamPod Float Tank

Experience true weightlessness....

Take away the stress of gravity.

About the DreamPod Floatation Tank

Our DreamPod VMax is a comfortable 2.6m Long and 1.77m Wide making it suitable for singles and couples floating. It is not a standard sized Floatation tank!

The sleek design offers a clam shell style opening lid for easy entry and exit to the tank. The interior offers a high powered lighting system providing soothing chakra coloured lighting which can be controlled by a button inside the tank during your float. Excellent tactile transducers located at the front of the pod provide superior acoustics for music to be played throughout your float if you choose. Inside the tank you will also find a red button which can be pressed at any time during your float to alert staff if you require immediate assistance.

A high quality filtration system, coupled with over 500kg of salt present in the tank at all times ensures the standards of hygiene are second to none. The tank is maintained and tested several times a day to sustain this standard.


Dreamscapes were developed by Australian Dr Jason Gregg.

They are specifically designed to be used in the float environment using sound, music, entertainment and guided imagery to relax the conscious mind. This allows you to transport the mind to a gentle state of learning in the subconscious where the dreamscapes work to alter behaviour, improve performance and relieve physical conditions.

Some of the dreamscapes available include;

-Brain Gym      -Confident Me       -My Study

-Kick Butts      -Pain Away            -The Sleepmaker

All dreamscapes last for 60 minutes.

Effects of Floating

With over 500kg of epsom salt creating enough buoyancy to eliminiate the effects of gravity on the body you will experience an overall effect of weightlessness while floating.

In daily life the brain is subjected to a huge amount of stimulation in order to cope with the most consistent force encountered, that being gravity. With the brain freed from this vice, neuromuscular activity can slow, and the logical side of the brain can rest.

It is in this state the body can enter a dream-like condition which has been likened to that experienced just prior to sleep. This is the time when the body releases endorphins, known as the "happy hormones".

Cortisol (the stress hormone) production is decreased and magnesium absorption in increased. Enhanced absorption of magnesium has been linked to easing joint and muscle pain as well as speeding up muscle recovery.

Who Shouldn't Float?

- Anyone under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol

-Anyone with open wound/s

- Anyone who suffers from uncontrolled incontinence issues

-Anyone who has had their hair dyed within the last 7 days (red based dye 10 days)

-Persons suffering from epilepsy, sever hypertension or low blood pressure

-Anyone suffering from severe psychological conditions

-Persons who have applied fake tan within the previous 7 days

-Persons suffering any acute skin conditions

-Anyone with any infectious disease/disorder


-I have a small cut, is it ok to float? 
Yes, we provide a product to cover small cuts to avoid feeling a sting in the salt water. If you miss a small cut it may sting for the first 10 minutes or so of your session.

Will I Get Claustrophobic?
You are in control of your environment. If it is more comfortable you can always float with the lid open. You can control the lights and sound throughout your session to maintain your highest level of comfort.

What do I need to bring?
We provide grooming products for you to use after your float session. However we encourage you to bring any additional personal care products you might like to use.

What do I wear?
You are in your own private room for the entire experience. Most people choose to not wear clothing as the feeling of fabric can distract from the experience, however it is whatever you feel comfortable in so swimwear might be a comfortable choice if you would like to wear something.

Can I Wear My Contact Lenses?
It is not recommended to wear contact lenses during  a float

What If I Get Water In My Eyes?
We provide a spray bottle of fresh water and a hand towel accessible to you when you are in the float tank to wash away any salt.

What If I Fall Asleep?
Totally fine and very common! When the filter begins at the end of your session the water will start moving and this gentle sway will be enough to rouse you from your rest.

How Do I Know It's Clean?
We maintain the highest standards of water quality following strictly imposed protocol. Our water is tested multiple times a day for pH balancing, sterilisation and specific gravity. The entire contents of the tank runs through our filtration system multiple times between each float. This filtration system contains high quality filters that screen to 1 micron which is the 100th the size of a strand of hair.


DreamScapes are guided meditation pregrams specifically designed for use in the DreamPod Float Tank by Australian Dr Jason Gregg.

DreamScapes use sound, music and guided imagery to access varying areas of the brain and stimulate thought processes.

They enable you to relax the conscious mind and gently encourage deeper stimulation of the brain to alter behavious, improve performance and relieve physical conditions.

All DreamScapes are designed for use in a 60 minute Float session only.


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