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Cold Plunge Therapy

Cold Plunge Therapy

What is it?

Cold plunge therapy involves immersing the body in cold water for a period of time to assist in improving both physical and mental health

What happens in my session?

Our friendly staff will provide you with all the information you need for your session.

You will then be left to enjoy the private plunge room where you will shower before entering the ice bath.

After your session it is important to allow the body to heat up naturally so a shower after your plunge is not recommended. This is because the health benefits continue as your body is allowed to regain its' warmth naturally.

How long should you plunge?

Initially you should submerse in the cold for a maximum of 1-3 minutes. Research suggests at 2 minutes you will begin to gain the full spectrum of benefits. 

Seasoned users can build up this time to an absolute maximum of 10 minutes.

What are the benefits?

Research has suggested many varied benefits to cold plunge therapy including;
-Increased metabolism
-Decreased inflammation
-Increased recovery speed
-Decreased muscle soreness
-Increased endorphins
-Improved lymphatic drainage
-Assistance in training the flight/fright response of the nervous system

Who shouldn't plunge?

-Anyone under the influence of drugs/alcohol
-Anyone with open wounds
-Persons who suffer from epilepsy, severe hypertension or low blood pressure
-Persons with cardiovascular and/or circulatory issues
-Persons with infectious disease/disorders
-Those who are pregnant
-Those who have a baseline low body temperature
-Anyone who has dyed their hair or applied fake tan in the last 7 days
-Anyone suffering from severe psychological conditions

Price List

Single Session  - $30

5 Pack - $125

10 Pack - $200

20 Pack - $300




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